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All items come with a warranty card, box and paper bag.

Fabric/Material: steel rose GP 5N, Bezel 5N sunray Charriol Charriol, Set 2 white diamonds 0.01cts, Dial light pink Sunray, steel cabl

Care Instruction:


Water Resistant

Warning ! Unless your watch has "water-resistant" engraved on the back of the case it must not be exposed to moisture or liquids of any kind.
Water-resistant models have been stringently tested. However, the seals that ensure water-resistance may deteriorate with age and lose their effectiveness. We therefore recommend that you have your watch checked for water-resistance every two years, preferably prior to vacations.

It is advisable to have the seal and battery changed at that time. Should any condensation appear and remain under the crystal, it may be a sign that the seals are defective, they should be changed as soon as possible to avoid damage to the movement or dial.

Replacing the Battery and Movement

The second hand on your CHARRIOL watch* also serves as a "low battery" indicator. When the second hand jumps in 4-second increments, the battery must be replaced. Average battery life is 2 years and the date printed on the sticker on the back of the watch-case is the expiry date.

We recommend that you have the battery replaced by an authorized CHARRIOL Technical Service Centre in order to ensure your guarantee remains valid. The seals will automatically be replaced at the same time to maintain proper water-resistance.
The movement of your CHARRIOL watch - particularly if it is mechanical (manual or automatic) - should be checked by an authorized CHARRIOL Technical Service Centre every 3 to 4 years to ensure optimum functioning.

Changing Bracelets and Straps

We recommend that you have your bracelet or strap changed by an authorized CHARRIOL watchmaker, to ensure expert workmanship. Leather straps are not water-resistant, and exposure to liquids could adversely affect their quality and appearance.

General Care
After swimming, particularly in sea water, we recommend rinsing any water resistant watch well in fresh water and wiping it with a soft, clean, dry cloth. This will help keep it looking good and in perfect running order.

Solid Gold / Silver

Avoid scratching with hard objects. It may cause the product to lose its shiny surface or to speed up oxidization.
Many daily substances contain chemicals which could cause damage to coating on your watch. Take off your watch while putting on cosmetic, playing sports or cleaning with chemicals.
Gold-plated / Black PVD Coating

Gold-plated and silver parts of the watch are not solid gold items, their colour would be subject to natural oxidation and change of weather and become tarnished or colour fading after certain duration of use or storage.

Black cable bands are coated under PVD process, same as the other materials plating in gold and silver, its plating after a duration of use could fade. Do not scratch them on hard surface and avoid contact with salt-water, chemicals like soap, perfume on the coating surface.
The colour of the gold-plated, black-plated and silver parts could tarnish subject to human sweat.
Even though the cable watch band has a flexible design, do not over stretch it against opposite direction or stretch it in a certain position for a long time.

*Not on all models

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Size Case 3 cm
Color Rose Gold
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Watch St. Tropez
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