A cute Vegan Faux Leather rabbit charm with iconic sunglasses. The fluffy tail is the accent.++
Total length: 17cm 
Length (top): 10cm 
Width (top): 6cm
60% Polyurethane
20 % Cotton 
20% Polyester
Care Instructions:
Your handbag is made of beautiful leather, tanned in traditional methods in order to maintain its natural beauty and soft feel. Please keep your bag away from prolonged intense sunlight, water, heat and permanent dyes. Richly dyed items may transfer. Extra care should be taken when wearing light colored garments. In the event your handbag gets soiled, gently dab the leather with a clean, dry cotton cloth. Use with leather cleaner could be better. Fill the bag with tissue paper (same as those come with the bag originally) to keep its shape when the bag is not used. The care with which you use and look after your bag will preserve its beauty.


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Color Opwht Multi
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