Indulge your skin with the super soft bristles of our Purifying Complexion Brush, with medicinal bamboo charcoal, for a delectable cleansing experience.

Specially designed with ultra soft bristles, this purifying complexion brush gently exfoliates away the outer layers of dead skin to unclog pores-while an embedded infusion of medicinal charcoal enhances the cleansing process by drawing out impurities.

A SofTOUCH™ ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip to effectively and efficiently cleanse away any excess surface oils that may dull the complexion. After regular periodic treatment, skin will benefit from the deep clean -feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.

Note: The medicinal bamboo charcoal is embedded into the fibers of the brush as part of the manufacturing process and does not ""wash"" out with use.

Cruelty free synthetic cosmetic grade bristles infused with medicinal bamboo charcoal.

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Softouch Purifying Complexion Brush
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How to use:

To use, moisten bristles in warm water, apply your favorite facial cleanser, and gently massage the skin. Move brush in circular motion to exfoliate while lavishing skin in foaming luxury.

Rinse face with warm water and pat dry.

The frequency of use really depends on the sensitivity of your skin, but we recommend exfoliating at least once a week. After using brush, rinse thoroughly, and squeeze excess water from bristles. Hang to dry.

Please replace the brush every 3 months or so, depending on frequency and intensity of use.

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