Natural Deodorant Stick 60g

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• Safe, simple and 100% natural deodorant
• 100% chemical-free
• Gentle on skin
• Use all over the body for chemical-free sweat and odor protection
• Made from natural Alum crystals from mines across Asia
A gentle and effective deodorant solution used for hundreds of years across Asia. Perspi-Rock® Natural Deodorant neutralises odor-causing bacteria with a microscopic layer of natural salt, it also offers mild antiperspirant protection, and can even be used on shaving cuts to stop bleeding.

100% natural, made from Potassium Alum crystals, also known as “Tawas” crystals, sourced from ancient mines deep below the Asian continent. Completely chemical-free, it does not contain Aluminium Chloride or Aluminium Chlorohydrate.

Perspi-Rock® Natural Deodorant has limited antiperspirant properties. Suitable for use by men and women to treat light to moderate sweat and odor. It should not be used to treat Hyperhidrosis or Bromhidrosis.


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Ingredients: 100% natural Potassium Alum crystals

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