Mini Solid Brush Cleanser with Scrub Pad

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Maintain the beauty of your makeup brushes and sponges with JAPONESQUE® Solid Brush Cleanser. This 0.5 oz size comes with a scrubbing pad for throrough brush cleansing.

Weight: 0.01kg

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How to use: Moisten the brush head or sponge and swirl gently over the balm surface until the lather has lifted away makeup buildup and brush or sponge appears clean. Thoroughly rinse and gently squeeze out excess water. Dry excess moisture with a terrycloth or paper towel; reshape brush bristles and lay flat to dry. Drying time will vary according to brush type and thickness or size of sponge. Ensure brush or sponge is completely dry before reusing. Rinse the balm quickly under running water or wipe the surface to refresh the balm.

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